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An easy start
You deserve the best and most comprehensive documentation available. We are working hard to bring this to you, by enhancing our current documentation ( with examples and providing additional example solutions.

Model Based Test Recorder
Following the click & record paradigm our cloud-native test recorder allows you to create test cases by simply clicking through the visual application model . You can create test cases from everywhere without having access to the original application or writing any code.
Our test recorder even allows you to automate test cases based on mock-up screens.
Standard Protocol Connection Server
We open’s unique device connections (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, static, HDMI, etc.…) up to everyone via standard protocols. This allows you and 3rd parties to access any system the same way is using it internally.
Finally, you can easily use any device within your own testing framework.

A feature you have all been asking for. We listened. Automatic test scheduling is just around the corner. We will support automatic triggering of execution sets based on schedules defined by you.
Bringing Test Sets to the next level. You can group test cases today, and executions remember their last configuration. But imagine that you can create a set of different executions, i.e., run your executions against multiple operating systems or browsers on multiple devices with different runtime variables, all with a click of a button.
Execution Sets
While is making your testcases as robust as technically possible from time to time you still might need to update some reference images. 

Assisted Maintenance will support you and bring the time it takes to update your models from 30 minutes down to less than 8 minutes by showing you on which screen the original image was placed and allowing you to dynamically recapture your reference images .
Assisted Maintenance
/’s unique GOM is bringing back the abilities you love about the HTML DOM to visual testing. Directly address screen elements by their name, even though you are only working on a screenshot of the UI. While not only providing DOM like naming conventions our GOM provides you geometrical access, too.
Think in queries like “Give me the correct input field for this label” and thanks to our GOM you will get the correct input field.
Graphical Object Model (GOM)
To round up the year, all the new features you will be using at this point will become available through our Zapier integration as well. Integrate everything of the platform in a standardized way in any business, development, planning or tracking software you are already using.
Are you ready for the next Zap?
Enhanced Zapier Integration
Automatic Test Case Creation
Another gem which is introduced on the platform. Not only can you automate your existing test cases but with’s automatic test case creation you don’t even need to write test cases anymore. We are automating the process of creating test cases.
Based on an easy to create workflow of your application we create test cases to have the highest coverage with the least amount of test cases.
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